Team Members

Team Roster:

Emmett Culp

Matthew Edwards

Zachary Kovalcik

Robert Mayfield

Kyle Mensing

Dan Norman

Tobin Owen

Amy Shepard

Zachary Taylor

Emmett “Shark Bait” Culp
Bio Coming Soon

- Not named Everett

Matt Edwards

“Tall Guy”

- Races cyclocross

- Good Smiles

- Used to own 2 banana suits

Zak Kovalcik is a 2X Elite National Champion. A Pittsburgh, PA Transplant and ex-messenger, Zak has a unique style that stands out above the rest. Not only does he clean up in the local races, but boasts an impressive race resume including racing in Tasmania, Germany and Trinidad and Tobago. Zak is a 9x medalist at Elite Nationals and 10x state champion.


1st – Team Pursuit – USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships – Carson, CA
1st – USA Cycling Elite Track Omnium National Championships – Rockhill, SC
3rd- Scratch Race – USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships – Carson, CA
1st- USA Cycling National Track Calendar – Men’s Endurance
Marymoor Grand Prix – Redmond, WA
1st – Points, Scratch, Madison (w/ Jame Carney), Endurance Omnium
Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge – Portland, OR
1st – Scratch (track record), Points, Miss and Out, Overall Omnium
Fixed Gear Classic – Blaine, MN
1st – Madison (w/ Franco Marvulli), 1k Madison TT (w/ Franco Marvulli)<
2nd – Forster Derny-Cup (w/ Thomas Baur) – Forst (Lausitz), GER
3rd – US 10 Mile Championships – Trexlertown, PA

1st – Fixed Gear Classic Madison (w/ Dan Harm) – Blaine, MN
2nd – Madison Cup (w/ Dan Harm) – Trexlertown, PA
3rd – Elite National Championships, Team Pursuit – Carson, CA

Robert Mayfield

Robert was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. He found his way to the local

velodrome under the guidance of a local shop owner. After becoming heavily involved

with the resurfacing effort of Penrose Park, conquering the local track scene and

becoming competitive at tracks around the country, Robert has decided to relocate to

Portland, Oregon to make track racing an even bigger part of his life.



2nd Missouri State Championship Scratch Race

3rd Missouri State Championship Kilo

2nd Fixed Gear Classic Team Sprint (Marshall/Fraley)

2nd Penrose Park Velodrome Track Series “A” Group


4th US Elite National Championship Team Sprint (Hieb/Houston)

1st Fixed Gear Classic Team Sprint (Fraley/Robertson)

7th Fixed Gear Classic Sprint Omnium

2nd Penrose Park Velodrome Track Series “A” Group

A Mostly True Account of Kyle Arthur Mensing

by Dan Norman
Kyle Mensing was raised by a pack of wolves in the foothills of the Arizona desert. Early on, he learned that the only way to keep up with his canine family was on a bicycle. After becoming socialized into the human world, Kyle began a stint as a motorcycle mechanic, which sadly ended in a fiery crash and a narrowly averted demise. Returning to his first love of human powered vehicles, Kyle packed up his bicycles and rollerblades and moved to the great state of Oregon.
Here he has devoted himself fully to the pursuit of all things cycling. By day, he makes his living selling bicycles to the greater population of our fair city, and by night he climbs mountains with the greatest of ease atop one of his eighteen artisanal bikes. Kyle has only recently begun racing in a “sanctioned” manner, but is poised to destroy all who dare challenge him in this coming season.

Dan Norman by Dan Norman

Name: Dan Norman

Age: 28
Weight: 115
Tallness: 5’8″
Specialty: Stationary mini-penny farthing racing
Palmares: completed several races last year. Like, all the way to the finish.
Should there be a format? I just don’t want this to look like our BG roster, except maybe with the yearbook photos. Those were great. I was gonna write something goofy, so people were aware of my irreverent nature, but that failed. So, here it is

Tobin Owen

Tobin Owen
Tobin is a guy that we know who also has the same first name as Zak’s dads last name, but he is not Zak’s dad.

Amy “Eradicator” Shepard: Only sort of on the team

Goals: Dominate the squash D latter

Team involvement: Hanging with my dudes



4th USAC National Championship Team Pursuit
2nd Marymoor Grand Prix Team Pursuit
4th Marymoor Grand Prix Women’s Madison
1st OBRA Championship Senior Women Pursuit
1st OBRA Championship Women Team Pursuit
4th Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge Miss N Out
5th Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge Point’s Race
5th Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge Keirin
1st Women Cat 3, 5th Overall St Honore Criterium
1st Dirty Circles Road Race Series Overall Women 1/2/3


4th Marymoor Grand Prix Madison
5th Hellyer Velodrome Challenge Points Race
5th Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge Scratch Race
1st OBRA Championship Team Pursuit
2nd Alpenrose Six Day Women
2nd OBRA Championship Cat 3, 5th Overall Senior Women

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